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    Micah - Terms

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    The world of mortals. Lyra contains many races that include, but are not limited to, humans, elves, satyrs, minotaur, mermaids, fairies, etc.

    The nationality of mortals that are born in the world of Lyra.

    The world, or plane, in which summon-able, or "tamed," demons are born. Succubi and Inccubi are not among the Helians, for example, while Imps and Dragons are.

    The nationality of demons that are born in Hela.

    Helgard / Helgardian
    A Helian that has been summoned and bound to a Helsoul. The Helian, or Helgard or Helgardian as they are now called, must act and serve as a Helsoul's guardian and protect them from any harm. However, this does not mean that they are completely obedient or cooperative in other matters.

    Summoning a Helgard / Helgardian
    The matter in which the summons are conducted are random. The Helian that is summoned is matched to the summoner's needs and limitations. Each summoner is only able to have one Helgardian bound to them at a time, and thus, can only have one Helian summoned at a time.

    In the event that a Helian is summoned for someone other than the summoner themselves, the blood of the person the Helian will be bound to is needed for the summon to properly complete. The summoner in cases like these can have a Helguard of their own, but the same one-Helian-per-Helsoul rule still applies.

    To send a demon back to Hela, thus unbinding the demon from their Helsoul, the Helsoul must chant the phrase, "Sou'tikæyo ermurv dwuro votar kj'at æj' zæs'marv. J'odej'r midre Hela kj'at orfo iæ fyto. ("I unbind thine demon from our soul-bond. Return to Hela from wence you came.")"

    A mortal that has summoned a Helian, or had a Helian summoned for them, and bound the demon to their soul.



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