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    M I C A H
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    Biographical Information:
    Nationality: Hela
    Race: Kosyru (Cat Demon)
    Age: Unknown
    Birth Date: Relatively sometime before the 1600's

    Physical Description:
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Physical Form: This Helian has almond-shaped, steel-blue eyes. He has short, fine, wavy, green hair worn in an impractical style. His skin is olive, or "golden", and he has green fur with black streaks on his ears and tail. He has a masculine build. His ears are pointed and close-set, and his tail is short, bushy, and carried straight. His fashion preferences are best described as "gypsy prince." He walks in a very sensual manner.

    Personal Information:
    Allies: His Helsoul
    Enemies: His Helsoul's enemies and everyone else until proven worthy.
    Weapon of Choice: His bare hands
    Fighting Style: Savage
    Passive Ability: Can change forms into a house cat, a tiger, and a berserk form.
    Personality: Suave, charming, sexy, passionate, determined, and confident. These are just a few words that sum up Micah's personality, and courage and loyalty are a few more. To get a glimpse of his negative side, he is selfish, conceited, jealous, and vengeful, not to mention completely malicious once angered. It is nearly impossible to gain his trust back once you lose it--especially since you managed to gain his trust in the first place.

    Chronological and Political Information:
    Profession: Assassin; guardian
    Affiliation: Helgard / Helgardian
    Important Terms:
    Hela - The world, or plane, in which summon-able, or "tamed," demons are born. Succubi and Inccubi are not among the Helians, for example, while Imps and Dragons are.
    Helian - The nationality of demons that are born in Hela.
    Helgard / Helgardian - A Helian that has been summoned and bound to a Helsoul. The Helian, or Helgard or Helgardian as they are now called, must act and serve as a Helsoul's guardian and protect them from any harm. However, this does not mean that they are completely obedient or cooperative in other matters.
    Summoning a Helgard / Helgardian
    The matter in which the summons are conducted are random. The Helian that is summoned is matched to the summoner's needs and limitations. Each summoner is only able to have one Helgardian bound to them at a time, and thus, can only have one Helian summoned at a time. In the event that a Helian is summoned for someone other than the summoner themselves, the blood of the person the Helian will be bound to is needed for the summon to properly complete. The summoner in cases like these can have a Helguard of their own, but the same one-Helian-per-Helsoul rule still applies.
    Helsoul - A mortal that has summoned a Helian, or had a Helian summoned for them, and bound the demon to their soul.
    Background History: Micah's parents died when he was a very young age, leaving him to fend for himself for most of his life. With his father's necklace as the only heirloom he possessed to remind him of them, as well as the small scar on his lips to remind him of the attack, he's lived a life of solitude. The only comforts of communication and mere socializing was whenever he bedded a woman. The life of solitude has led him to become a lone-wolf of sorts, but also an alpha-male. He does not get along with very many people, especially other men, because of this.

    Character Picture:
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