Phoenix Plot Idea


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    Phoenix Plot Idea

    Post  Omega on 6/1/2013, 7:47 pm

    300 years ago there were two witches; twins. one of the twins met a phoenix and began befriending him with her sister. over the years the phoenix began falling in love with one of the twins, and the other got very jealous of her sister. she didn't know what made her sister so special that the phoenix would chose her over him, so she placed a curse on the both of them in her jealousy.

    on their 24th birthday, the witch cursed the phoenix to turn feral on his lover and to uncontrollably kill her. the sister was cursed to relive this life for all eternity, being reincarnated every time she dies by the phoenix. her sister is always reborn the same; same looks, same personality, same smell, sometimes even the same name, but she would never remember anything from her past lives.

    the phoenix, after learning about their curse, killed the jealous twin and starting living a life of complete solitude. however, no matter how many times he tried to stay away, he always found his love again, and no matter how much he tried not to care, he was always compelled to be around her and protect her as much as he could.

    12 times the phoenix was forced to kill his love, and every time, he was no where close to trying to find a cure for their curse.

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