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    F E R A L
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    Biographical Information:
    Common Name: Feral
    Birth Name: Koj'ys
    Title: Son of the Solar Flare
    Nationality: Sun Phoenix
    Race: Phoenix
    Age: Unknown/Immortal
    Birth Date: Unknown

    Physical Description:
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: 225 lbs (including wings)

    Personal Information:
    Allies: The Unafflicted Dragons (dragons who still hold the ability to speak)
    Enemies: Everyone
    Weapon of Choice: Fire magic
    Fighting Style: Roasting his enemies.
    Strengths & Weaknesses: Extremely weak to water and all its forms, but can never be burned.
    Passive Ability: Can turn into a bird form of a phoenix and can also change his humanoid appearance to anything he wishes (even as a girl). However, he can't change the appearance of his age.
    Personality: Very anti-social. He will not interact with anyone unless he has to. He doesn't care for mortals, and this includes children, so he comes of as very cold. This doesn't mean he'll attack everyone though. Unless he feels threatened, he'll never touch another person in a negative manner. He has a surprisingly high anger tolerance, though his annoyance meter runs on low.

    There are times where he will actually like someone, but it is only one person. It isn't exactly clear to him or to others how this happens, since he seems to hate all mortals so much, but it does happen sometimes. When he does end up liking someone, be it paternal, friendly, or intimate, he tends to stay with them until their life ends or until they don't want him around anymore. He will protect them fiercely and their happiness and protection becomes his most important task, and very few have rarely reached the honor of becoming more important than his own immortality.

    Chronological and Political Information:
    Profession: Wanderer
    Affiliation: The old gods and dragons.
    Background History: Feral was born in the times dragons reigned the world and the old gods were widely worshiped. Back then there were seven of them. One born from the dust of a dying star, one from volcanic ash, one from the ashes of a great dragon, one from a fire hurricane, and then twins born from the birthing of a single flame. Feral was born from a solar flare.

    When the healing powers of the phoenix were made public knowledge, they were very soon hunted for it around the time the dragons were hunted. Many believed it was from their blood, so the one's that were caught were slaughtered and bled dry. Their blood was collected in tiny vials and sold world wide on the black market. Feral isn't sure how many of them were left, but his distrust for the mortals only grew and became stronger.

    Character Picture (WIP):
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